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Training oriented towards video games, virtual and augmented reality on what emotions (versus feelings) are in our genetic baggage for survival, and what they allow us to understand about ourselves and others today, in our everyday lives. days. This presentation also presents examples from communication, advertising and cinema in order to assess all the possibilities.


Understand and identify emotions in neo-Darwinian approaches — which can be actionable in the Environments that we create in classic, immersive narratives or in our simple daily lives — and learn how they can be used in different narrative design tools (characters, context, environment) and means (staging, setting, lightning, level and game design, communication and advertising, etc.). Group work allows integration through practice. 


> Understanding and managing emotions in our daily and professional lives.

> Concrete applications to a business problem and appropriation of emotional tools using scenarios.

> Create our own emotional narrative design according to the models set up by Nikolaus Roche-Kresse in different studios around the world.

Audience, format, budget: contact us.

Training in French or English.

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