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Film making for non-film makers!    
In addition to existing smartphone applications, this training allows you to learn how to make quality films for social networks without having to work with a professional film crew. You learn to design, script, shoot, frame, light, take sound and edit a film intended for your social networks with all the best practices of professionals. An overview of the different means of production and realization will allow you to align your needs with your tools and means.


Be completely autonomous in the design, production and distribution of videos intended for social networks. 

Acquire the new codes of visual grammar, including catching* from the first 3 seconds (*a social sharing video is skipped in less than 3 seconds for more than 80% of Internet users).

Strengthen your knowledge of video communication by sharing the best current case studies and the latest best practices from professionals.

Learn how to equip yourself according to your needs: iPhone, stabilizer, microphone, lighting (we can provide you with a tailor-made recommendation and even equip you completely.)


> Complete autonomy in the production of video content, from design to posting on your social networks

> Saving time in content creation;

> Optimization of production costs

> At the end of the training, participants will be able to create and distribute their own video content by mastering the new codes of visual grammar.

Audience, format, budget: contact us.

Training in French or English.

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