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Forum Theater


A training tool par excellence, the Forum Theater combines dynamic collective engagement with times of collaborative exchange. A survey is first carried out among future participants in relation to the theme addressed. Theater skits are taken from it, which are then performed by the speakers during the training days. 

At the end of each sketch, the participants are engaged in interactive work: What did you see? Where is the problem ? What is possible to do? They are invited to experiment with their proposals, and put into play possible alternatives within the sketch, which thus evolves towards a resolution. Lessons are finally drawn from this collective experience, and from the commitments made on developments to be implemented, individually and collectively. 

Among the themes covered: management, Quality of Life at Work, Psycho-Social Risks, Gender Equality, addictions, team cohesion, stress, burn-out, communication and interrelationships. -personal, incivility, customer relations…


The main objective is to develop fair and effective communication in all professional situations. The Forum Theater tools, put at the service of the collective, will allow effective optimization of each person's listening, expression and relationship skills. The final challenge being that of a sustainable and lasting evolution of individual and collective practices.

> It is tailor-made to respond in a precise and targeted manner to the needs and demands of each company.

> The team of speakers is made up of experienced consultants, coaches and professional actors.

> It combines dynamic movement and active listening to participants by the speakers.

> Its construction allows each participant to experiment and then integrate the lessons learned from their experience.

Audience, format, budget: contact us.

Training in French.

FORUM THEATRE | An original and appropriate answer to companies' unique challenges. 

The alliance of Forum Theater and Relational Communication offers a solution, original in form and content, to tackle appropriately companies' unique challenges. Our tailor-made training focuses on the needs and wants of every organization. The trainers are business consultants, coaches and professional & experienced actors.

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