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ux neuroscience


Did you know that UX (User eXperience) has its origins in Cognitive Sciences?

This training aims to acquire serious and applicable foundations in UX by understanding the basic functions of the brain.

Since the goal of UX is to rationalize the management of interactions between a brand, or service/product and its users, understanding how the brain works is a considerable asset for anticipating the risks and benefits of a given experience. Applicable in design, development or marketing, basic principles of brain functioning will allow you to evaluate and make better decisions on your projects.

> Understand the basics of brain functioning applicable to UX design.

> Know how to evaluate experiences using heuristics from neuroscience.

> Understand the basic rules of digital experience design.


> Acquire neuroscientific principles to apply them concretely in the creation, development and promotion of experiences.

> Benefit from a toolbox to rationalize debates if necessary via a scientific approach.

At the end of this training, participants will be able to:

> Understand what UX is and its basic principles

> Know how to evaluate digital experiences and interfaces based on scientific arguments

> Better anticipate risks and benefits in the early stages of experience development

Audience, format, budget: contact us.

Training in French or English.

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