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storytelling for brands


We are all storytellers. But establishing a narrative framework is above all a matter of the method that must be acquired. It follows the same rules whether you are writing a feature film, a novel or a pitch to present your business. This training explores the main fundamentals of narrative creation to allow you to include your communication strategy in a process of
storytelling. It will allow you to understand the emotional springs of fiction and to take in hand the theoretical tools that will help you create your own story: the one that will be best suited to
tell your brand or business and capture the attention of your audience. To make you unforgettable. 


Provide you with a methodological approach allowing you to integrate your brand universe into a narrative strategy and to be deployed in a coherent and unique way on the networks.   

This training is based on a presentation of the theoretical tools of scenario writing and is based on numerous practical brand cases as well as practical exercises to implement.


> A methodological approach, step by step.

> Theoretical and practical elements borrowed from screenwriting and applied to the brand.

> Many concrete and multimedia examples. 

> Practical exercises to carry out during the session.

Audience, format, budget: contact us.

Training in French.

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