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We created the trademarks VOUS ETES LES RÉALS!™ and YOU'RE THE DIRECTORS!™ to offer (in French or in English) a brand new proposal: we'll start with a state-owned or private company's in-house challenge and change it through the prism of fiction, with the help of a unique duo: a coach and a film scenarist. The goal is to leave the purely cognitive aspect behind and live an emotional, collective and creative experience with a new perspective through fiction: a movie that will be written, filmed and played by the participants overseen by experienced cinema professionals and coaches.

Shamans Films - SANOFI - "Qui Pro Peau" - Vous Are Les Réals! ™: we transpose a problematic into fiction in order to move from cognitive to emotional. A film written, directed and performed by dermatologists, supervised by a film crew from Shamans Films.

Making Of - SANOFI - "Qui Pro Peau" - Vous Are Les Réals! ™ / You are The Directors! ™, a brand of Shamans Films.

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