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We all watch films and series with the same critical eye. 

When the story succeeds in transcending us, we are admiring. When it's less immersive, we think we can do better or just as much... 

This training aims to quickly give you the keys to effectively structuring any type of story on any medium. Thanks to a summary of experience, we will have the opportunity to understand Storytelling techniques together and acquire the skills to write a story.


General objectives : Adopt a narrative methodological approach to allow your brand(s) to be deployed in a coherent and unique way on the networks. Specific objective: Know how to animate your brand(s) on networks through storytelling techniques.

Operational objective:Determine your communication objectives, singularize your editorial line, establish a territory for your content, define your characters, identify your modes of representation, establish your storyline, activate it on the networks, ensure its dynamics.


> Learning and concrete exercises during the workshop.

> Introduction to narrative techniques, specific vocabulary, the reflexes necessary to write operationally.

> At the end of the training, participants will have all the resources to develop their own stories, in all types of formats.

Audience, format, budget: contact us.

Training in French.

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