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For businesses, we created the brands VOUS ÊTES LES REALS! and YOU'RE THE DIRECTORS!, in order to propose a completely new offer: starting from an internal problem and transforming it through the prism of fiction, with the help of a unique pair composed of a coach and a film screenwriter & television. 


Leaving the purely cognitive level to allow an emotional, collective and creative experience to be lived, with a new perspective through fiction, through a film which will be written, directed, and performed by the participants supervised by professionals of the 7th Art and experienced coaches.


> Shift the focus on an initial problem through a cinema experience.

> Introduction & concrete situation of writing and filming a fiction film.

> Supervision by cinema professionals who are also teachers (teachers from the Ecole des Gobelins, Louis Lumière or FEMIS) 

> The film can then be shared internally (and participate more widely in corporate culture) as well as externally with those close to you.

For a maximum of 20 trainees per group.


> Classic Pack: Treat yourself for a day by writing and directing your film! For your teambuildings, your events, your marketing and HR communication tools, to promote your teams or to train you in cinema and storytelling!

> Premium Pack:Transform your problem into a movie subject! Individual and collective work on a business problem with all the benefits of the Classic Pack, plus a unique pair made up of a coach and a screenwriter.

> Customized Pack: Treat yourself to a film studio shoot with a whole team at your disposal: You Are the Reals of the film you dream of making!

A la carte options:Special effects makeup artist, stuntmen, goodies (cinema clapperboard, director's chair), screening location: contact us;

Public, budget: contact us.

Training in French or English.

Example of the system: the film written, performed and directed by the SANOFI teams is accompanied by a "making of" film produced by us, to capture the emotions of the team, and get their feedback. 
The solutionV
WE ARE THE REALS! and YOU'RE THE DIRECTORS!, works with both films, and are both included in the budget.

Shamans Films - SANOFI - "Qui Pro Peau" - Vous Are Les Réals! ™: we transpose a problematic into fiction in order to move from cognitive to emotional. A film written, directed and performed by dermatologists, supervised by a film crew from Shamans Films.

Making Of - SANOFI - "Qui Pro Peau" - Vous Are Les Réals! ™ / You are The Directors! ™, a brand of Shamans Films.

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